The operation department has a warehouse.

The cutting unit consists of 3 cutting benches as well as an automatic pattern manufacturing system INVESTRONICA that produces 4000-5000 garments per day.

The stitching unit consists of 100 machines of all different types, including cutters, double seam machines, sewing machines and button-buttonhole ones. This unit produces 3000-4000 garments per day.

The initial qualitative check is conducted within the qualitative check unit immediately after cutting the pieces of textile that have not been sewed.

At the department of ironing-packaging there are 24 individual steam irons which are able to produce 3000-4000 clothes per day.

The second qualitative check is conducted before the ironing process by experts and after the ironing process the final check is taking place before the clothes are packaged in boxes.

Packaging is conducted at the same place for 3000-4000 clothes per day.