We are a manufacturing company based in Valandovo, Macedonia with many years of experience in producing knitted garments.

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We are hosting one of the most highly advanced knitting units in Greece (Hellas Cotton SA, www.hellascotton.gr) which is equipped with more than 50 knitting machines that are able to produce several types of fabric, including Single, Interlock, Rib, Sweat and Jacquard. Besides this, dyeing and printing of fabrics constitute two of our major processing techniques.

While hosting our own production unit with nearly 150 employees, we have become experts in manufacturing different types of textile for some of our clients across Europe. (WWF Hellas, WWF Switzerland, LANA, GREENPEACE GREECE, HESS NATUR – the greatest ecological garments manufacturing industry in Germany – etc.).

What is it exactly, though, that makes us stand out of the crowd?

Within the past 5 years we have been producing garments following controlled procedures of cotton cultivation (organic cotton)

We are a certified company and we are one of the few manufacturing industries in Greece to have obtained GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) accreditation. At the same time, the GOTS accreditation has been provided to the knitting and dyeing units with which we are working throughout our textile production processes.

The past few years have been dedicated to our company’s unique aim of investing in environmentally friendly fabrics and clothes production. We always remain updated and informed by ΙΜΟ, a certification company in Switzerland, about any progress made regarding all ecological issues that have been raised.